To help is great but to get an opportunity to help is even greater.

This para should alert readers here on why farmer suicides don’t get the attention it needs:
“To summarize, the format of the TV show

wanted to only consider male stories
didn’t want to support a male story simply because the individual although had suffered a great personal loss, the individual did not have any dependents
was very insensitive to the people who they were intending to help”


A popular television channel as part of a tv show they were planning on doing in November 2015 reached out to me sometime in end of August 2015. They had read about the Vidarbha project in ( and were interested to help the Vidarbha farmers as part of their show. I saw this as a great opportunity to highlight the issues because it was a very popular channel and so was their tv show. This entire process of interaction and coordination lasted 2 months and by the end of it, I was left completely disappointed and disheartened.

The format:
The tv show would identify individuals that need financial help and through their show they would raise funds to provide a one time support to that individual. So my job was to connect the individuals in need with the producers of the TV show. They would only select one individual…

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